20 July 2018
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The school of Nutrition was firstly established as a department inside the School of Health and Nutrition in 1991 following the merging of the departments of Biochemistry and Nutrition from the school of Pharmacy (1974), the department of Health from the school of Medicine (1953) and the departments of Environmental Health and Disease Control (1987) from the school of Paramedical sciences. The school gained its independency and has started its educational activities with independent staff and facilities and its own educational space and laboratories in 2012.

The general purpose of this school is to educate students in the field of Nutritional sciences in order to amend the position of nutritional quantitatively and qualitatively.

Currently school of Nutrition consists of three departments, Nutrition in Community, Biochemistry and Diet Therapy, and Food Science and Technology. The school of Nutrition tries to make the required arrangements in order to improve food and nutritional security and resolve the main nutritional problems of country; research projects are being carried out in this school in the vide variety of clinical and non-clinical field in the areas of nutritional state in the population, micro and macronutrients, nutrition in vulnerable groups, nutrition in prevention of chronic disease including cardiovascular disease, cancers, obesity and etc. food toxicity and food technology.

School of Nutrition is training the students in BSc, MSc and Ph.D. degrees. From 1995 the school is accepting the Ph.D. students in the field of Nutrition and now 29 students are pursuing their Ph.Ds in this department.

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