20 July 2018
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Dean of department


Dr Ali Ehsani 

Associate Professor in Food Hygiene  

Office Phone: +98 (41) 33357584

Email: ehsani@tbzmed.ac.ir


Welcome message:

Welcome to the School of Nutrition. Whether you are a current or prospective student, faculty member, staff or colleague, we hope that these web pages will assist you in learning more about our School and programs. We offer a diverse range of academic programs, including B.S. in Human Nutrition, M.S. in Nutrition, Nutrition in Health Sciences and Food Sciences and Technology and PhD in Nutrition option. Our research spans from cells to communities, addressing significant issues of today such as food insecurity, dietary patterns and disease prevention, nutrition education and health promotion,  nutrition and cancer, bioactive food components, and reproductive nutrition.

Our graduates are employed in hospitals; research centers public health agencies and universities.  They participate in nutrition counseling, education, administrative roles and research. The possibilities are diverse in the field of nutrition-training lends itself well to different areas such as medicine, behavioral science, public health and business.

 We are proud of the work of our fine students, faculty, and staff, and are pleased to share some of this work with you on this website. I hope you enjoy visiting our Website and

feel free to contact us if you need additional information.


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